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Malabar Elementary School

Los Angeles Unified School District

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    STEAM Logo
    Growth Mindset
    Welcome back students!

    At Malabar, our goal is to create deep learners. We have adopted STEAM in order to update our teaching practices, moving away from traditional strategies and towards hands-on investigation-based work. Thank you to all Malabar families for supporting our new Vision.


    RAZ Kids online is now Available to all students!

    "Whatever challenges they face, teachers will go above and beyond to make sure their students have the tools they need to learn. This week and every week, we say

    THANK YOU!" Malabar Donation Page

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    "The Last Straw"
    This original film project was created by Malabar students. As we transition into STEAM and Project-Based Learning, expect more student-made films to appear soon!
    What is 21st Century education?


    It is a teaching philosophy that focuses on preparing students for the careers that are currently in demand as well as the careers that are emerging in our ever-changing world. To begin their learning journey, our students will engage in projects and activities that develop critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, and citizenship.


    Follow the adventures of Malabar Max!

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    It is with great pride that we share the success of our Malabar VEX Robotics Team, the RoboRaptors. In their first year of competition, they designed, built, and expertly operated their robot to earn a 4th place rank in Local District East. We are proud of your achievement! Congratulations!

    STEAM Ahead Malabar!


    Our newest learning partner


    Sphero EDU is partnering with Malabar and providing robotics materials and lessons to promote computer programming and coding to create the next generation of technology innovators. STEAM Ahead MALABAR!

    CLICK HERE to explore the best APPS for learning Programming and Coding

    Why doesn't it snow in los angeles anymore?

    In January of 1949, a 3-day snow storm covered all of Los Angeles and caused huge problems for the city. Freeways closed, crops froze, and cars were stuck in over a foot of snow. Since that storm, Los Angeles has become an average of 5 degrees warmer, including July 6th, 2018 when the temperature in Los Angeles broke records and reached 117 degrees! Perhaps you can help us reverse this warming and bring SNOW back to the City of Angels.

    Monterey Park, January 1949
    Picture of the week 


    A family of crustaceans have invaded Malabar!

    Did you know that crayfish are omnivores? They eat plants, animals, and decaying organisms.

    Can you see the eggs? This crayfish female is ready to release over 100 hatchlings!

    Why do we STEAM?

    Creative thinkers are going to be the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, and inventors.


    Malabar students, this could be a career for you!

    STEAM Family Engagement Night


    It was a stormy evening but we did not let that stop our STEAM learning! Thank you to every family that attended our STEAM Community Engagement Night. Our winning tower was 92cm tall and well constructed. Congratulations to the Carranza Family and to every family that participated. We are STEAMing Ahead together!

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    Career Day 2018

    Career Day

    Thank you professionals for taking the time to inspire our Malabar Bears!

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    global cardboard challenge
    On Thursday, October 25th, Malabar became part of a global STEAM initiative to conserve Earth's resources and promote student creativity with a CARDBOARD CHALLENGE school event.  Cardboard

    Click here to see highlights of this great evening of STEAM Community Engagement.

    At Malabar, we are empowering students to use technology as creators and not just consumers. We are closing the book and using Green Screen to integrate literacy, technology, social studies, science, and art.

    Malabar Orchestra
    Winter Celebration
    Thank you for attending our Winter Celebration. Our students enthusiastically showed their holiday spirit and creativity.  Click on this picture to see highlights of this fun event.
    Beautification Grant

    Hooray for Malabar!award

    Malabar has been awarded the Believing in Our Schools Grant which will fund three school beautification projects. We are excited and will invite our students and families to join us in improving our campus.

    Congratulations to the Malabar community!

    "I can't do it, YET!"

    STEAM teaching and learning challenges our brain to think in new ways. At Malabar, we will have a willingness to confront challenges, viewing failure as a springboard for growth, and always have a passion for learning.

    STEAM Ahead at Malabar!

    Malabar is now part of the LAUSD Local District East Robotics League. We are the Robo Raptors and we are designing and building opportunities for a future STEAM career.

    Eco Learning Center Phase 1
    Mornings in the Eco Learning Garden


    Ms. Marquez begins the learning day with a morning stretch and motivating chants to get our students ready for a challenging STEAM learning day.

    Augmented Reality at Malabar
    Did you know that Tyrannosaurus could eat about 500 pounds of meat in a single bite? It would take a human being about 100 days to eat the same amount.