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SPSA-Single Plan for Student Achievement

The staff of Malabar Street Elementary School have created goals for this school year that promote academic achievement and positive school culture.  Our primary goals focus on reading and mathematics but we also want to improve our school culture and attendance.  These goals are created to help guide our work to ensure that all students achieve grade level standards.

SPSA Goals

SPSA Goals 2021-22


Implementation Objective:  By June 2022, 100% of classrooms will implement daily Literacy Academies to target literacy skills during small group instruction.  DIBELS progress monitoring will be used to monitor the effectiveness of these academies and will be collected every 2-3 weeks for students at the intensive and strategic levels.  DIBELS data will analyzed three times during the school year to evaluate progress at a school wide level. 

Improvement Objective:  By June 2022, 70% of students in grades K-6 will meet Benchmark or Above Benchmark as measured by DIBELS 8 from 57% MOY 2021 to 70% EOY 2022. 


Implementation Objective:  By June 2022, classrooms in grades 3-6 will implement IAB assessments on an instructional cycle every 4-6 weeks.  IAB assessments will be analyzed every month to monitor student learning. 

Implementation Objective:  By June 2022, students in grades K-6 will implement a math Performance Task at the end of each Eureka Module to analyze student learning.  Performance tasks will be analyzed every 4-6 weeks to ensure that students are responding to instruction. 

Improvement Objective:  By June 2022, 70% of Malabar students in grades 3-6 will score Above Standard and Near Standard on all IAB assessments from 49% Spring 2021 to 70% Spring 2022. 

EL Programs 

Implementation Objective:  By June 2022, 100% of Teachers who teach English Learners will implement teaching strategies and best practices learned through PD as measured by lesson observations made by the Principal and Title 3 Coach. 

 Improvement Objective:  By June 2022, English Learners scoring proficient (Overall Level 4) on ELPAC will increase from 7% to 30% as measured by the Summative ELPAC assessment. 


Implementation Objective:  By June 2022, Malabar School will offer 6-10 parent training sessions facilitated by teachers on academic initiatives with an increase of 50% rate per training from 20 to 30 average participants as measured by Zoom Usage Reports/Sign-Ins. 

Implementation Objective:  By June 2022, virtual/face-to-face parent participation in Parent Portal workshops led by the Parent Community Representative will increase from 19% to 80% as measured by Zoom Usage Reports/Sign-Ins. 

Improvement Objective:  By June 2022, the percent of students having at least one parent registered to the Parent Portal, will increase from 19% to 80% as measured by the Focus Dashboard. 

Improvement Objective:  By June 2022, parents who state "This school provides instructional resources to help me support my child's education" will increase from 90% to 100% as measured by the School Experience Survey. 

100% Attendance 

Implementation Objective:  By June, 2022, 100% of classrooms will implement weekly Second Step lessons and a daily mindfulness program to promote emotional well-being as measure by the School Experience Survey and other survey tools administered three times during the school year.  Classroom observations will be conducted on a weekly basis to monitor the implementation. 

Improvement Objective:  By June, 2022, Malabar Street ES will decrease the percent of students with chronic absenteeism by 10% from 18.6% to 8.6% as measured by the Whole Child Integrated Data platform.