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3200 East Malabar Street

Los Angeles, CA 90063

Mon., Wed., Thu., and Fri.

8:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.


8:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Phone #: (323) 261-1103

Fax #: (323) 261-3252

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Today: 12/10/17

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Hello Max!

Say "Hello!" to Max, our awesome Malabar mascot. Click on him to see what he's been up to around Malabar Elementary.

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3rd Grade Multiplication Wizards!

3rd Grade Multiplication Wizards!
Have a great learning week Malabar Bears!...Eco Learning coming soon!...#welovemalabar

Attention Malabar Parents! Atencion Padres!

Be on the lookout for the Malabar Parent Engagement Policy sent November 29th.



Estén atentos a recibir la 
Poliza de Involuncramiento de Padres de Malabar 
enviada el 29 de noviembre.




College Begins at Malabar!

Teachers and Staff promote higher education for our students. Don't forget to wear your College gear every Friday too!

Eco Learning coming soon!


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Music and Young Minds

Music is academic. For some people, this is the primary reason for providing music lessons to their children. A recent study from the University of California found that music trains the brain for higher forms of thinking. Second graders who were given music lessons scored 27% higher on proportional math and fractions tests than children who received no special instruction. Research indicates that musical training permanently wires a young mind for enhanced performance.

Music is physical. Music can be described as a sport. Learning to sing and keep rhythm develops coordination. The air and wind power necessary to blow a flute, trumpet or saxophone promotes a healthy body.

Music is emotional. Music is an art form. We are emotional beings and every child requires an artistic outlet. Music may be your child’s vehicle of expression.

Music is for life. Most people can’t play soccer, or football at 70 or 80 years of age but they can sing. And they can play piano or some other instrument. Music is a gift you can give your child that will last their entire lives.


We are very proud of each one of our talented musicians and their dedication to the beautiful music that they play!

Malabar Multicultural Dances


College Friday!

Campus Beautification


Malabar Elementary Centennial


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Click on the picture to enter 100 years of Malabar Street Elementary School history.

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Malabar Career Day

D.A.D. Project at Malabar

D.A.D. Project at Malabar

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